Winter Energy Saving Tips

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The following is a short list of easy to do things that will help keep you comfortable while saving on your heating bill:

1. Replace or wash your furnace filter now. Even if you took care of your filter last month, now is the time to do it again.

2. Shut off the bathroom and kitchen exhaust fans off as soon as you can. When you push air out of your house cold outdoor air will get in to replace it.

3. Keep moisture in the house to make it feel warmer in the winter. Grow plants that you can water. Have a pet fish in an aquarium.

4. Boil water for a hot cup of coffee or hot cocoa . Hot cider tastes great this time of year. Cook soup stew and casseroles in the winter for moisture and extra warmth without turning the thermostat up. A good pot of chili can warm you up in more than one way. I’ll help taste it.

5. Use ceiling fans to circulate warm air. They help to keep an even temperature in the house. Ceiling fans are very important where there are high ceilings. Hot air raises and cold air sinks down to where the people are unless you keep the air stirred up. Ceiling fans help a cold building warm up faster. Run them on their slowest speed because excessive air movement makes folks feel cooler.

6. Wear several thin layers of clothing to so you can adjust as the weather and your activity level changes. Does anyone remember wearing sweaters , vests and smoking jackets ?

7. Call Atlantic Remodeling and replace those old, drafty windows with new energy efficient vinyl windows.

The energy use of the average U.S. home creates almost twice the greenhouse gas emissions as the average car. This is mainly due to the emissions produced by power plants to generate the electricity used to run modern homes. It includes emissions from such things as oil and gas fired furnaces. Saving energy saves cash and reduces stress on the environment.